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I am a member of the Minnesota Bar Association, and Hennepin County Bar Association. In 2001, Fabian Hoffner founded the Hoffner Firm, Ltd., emphasizing individual attention to each client’s case, providing legal guidance using plain language so clients understand the court process and applying his extensive experience in providing clients with legal advice to maximize the positive outcomes in each case.

Most of the Hoffner Firm’s clients are personally referred to Fabian by others who know and have worked with him.

Because of his extensive and diverse experience working in the legal system, Fabian was appointed as Hearing Officer for the City of Minneapolis. In this role, he hears cases of individuals charged with breaking municipal laws. He is also chairman of the state Special Review Board that makes final decisions on the appeals of sexual predators’ petitions to be released from the state Security Hospital. Finally, he is chairman of the Review Board for the Anoka Regional Treatment Center, where the board acts on various appeals from patients and reviews the general workings of the hospital.

Philosophy About the Law: Using Plain Language

Any individual who seeks legal services already knows they need the help of an attorney. But they shouldn’t have to go to law school to understand the legal system.

Individuals who have been arrested for something are frightened about the criminal charges they face. They’ve been through an emotional experience. They don’t understand the legal process. They’re frustrated by people who speak in legal jargon. But the legal system requires law officials to speak in legal jargon to ensure everyone is treated fairly.

One of my jobs is to explain to individuals what their rights are, to look at whether any of their rights have been violated and to explain how the court system works — to make it a lot less intimidating and frightening.

These people know they’re in serious trouble, so they need help understanding what they’re facing and what the possibilities are.

I take the time to explain in a language they can understand exactly what the issues are. I know how to ask the right questions. They can explain to me in their own words what happened and I can translate that from legal jargon into what their rights and responsibilities will be.

I do that throughout the whole process, not at just the first meeting. You have the right to understand your case.

For any legal services, you should have a clear understanding of what your options are and the consequences of the choices you make.

Professional Experience

National Association of Fundraising Ticket Manufacturers

From 1999 to 2001, Fabian served as executive director for the National Association of Fundraising Ticket Manufacturers where he was responsible for directing the association’s efforts on a national level. Fabian increased the association’s membership rolls by 33 percent, reorganized the dues system and substantially increased membership visibility.

Office of the Attorney General of Minnesota, 1989-1999

For more than 10 years, Fabian served in the Office of the Attorney General of Minnesota while Hubert “Skip” Humphrey held the office. Among the positions Fabian held:

– Special Assistant Attorney General – Public Safety & Gambling

In representing the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Fabian was involved in all aspects of child support enforcement, including bringing cases to court trials and developing proposals to change state laws. He led countless appeals to the District Courts and Minnesota Court of Appeals for individuals to receive public assistance. In addition, Fabian gained extensive experience in the state’s DUI laws while prosecuting individuals charged with Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol.

– Assistant Attorney General – Commerce & Gambling

Fabian was lead attorney to the Commissioner of Commerce, the Gambling Control Board and the Director of the Minnesota State Lottery where he was responsible for enforcing the state’s laws regulating businesses and gambling. In addition, Fabian has taught numerous CLE (continuing legal education) courses on gambling enforcement. As assistant attorney general for Commerce and Gambling, Fabian represented the state during administrative hearings to consider suspending or revoking professional licenses for realtors, contractors, financial services professionals and countless others.

– Special Assistant Attorney General – Human Services

As the attorney to the Minnesota Commissioner of Human Services and general counsel (lead attorney) for all nine state mental health hospitals, Fabian brought numerous cases to trial in District Court and had significant success. He also won cases on appeal before the Minnesota Court of Appeals. He was also involved in all aspects of child support enforcement, including bringing cases to court trials and developing proposals to change state laws. He led countless appeals to the District Courts and Minnesota Court of Appeals for individuals to receive public assistance.


Fabian received his law degree from The Washington University in St. Louis and his Bachelors of Arts degree in History and Political Science cum laude from The University of North Dakota.

Community Involvement

Fabian Hoffner is committed to serving his community by giving of his time and financial support. He is involved in numerous organizations that support causes he is passionate about, including:

Board member of Outfront Minnesota

Minnesota’s largest GLBT organization, which seeks to make Minnesota a place where GLBTs have the freedom, power and confidence to make the best choices for their own lives. Outfront Minnesota is the only organization representing the GLBT community on a full-time basis at the Minnesota Legislature.

Board member of Park House

Park House is a day health center for people living with HIV / AIDS. Park House provides skilled nursing care, psychosocial support, creative and complementary therapies, nutrition and collaborative treatment planning with physicians and case managers. As an outpatient service of Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Park House is licensed by the state of Minnesota as both an adult day health center and a mental health day treatment program.

Sample of Clients Served

Criminal defense:

  • Hundreds of DUI clients

Broad case experience serving individuals for:

  • Professional license hearings
  • Bankruptcy
  • Wills, trusts and advanced healthcare directives
  • Employment discrimination