The Importance of Honesty

The importance of telling your lawyer the truth.   When I represent Nurses before the Minnesota Board of Nursing, one of the first things I tell those Nurses is to tell me everything and tell me the truth.  Administrative Law practiced before the Minnesota Board of Nursing is very different from criminal law, unless that… Read more »

Termination as a Physician – How to Protect Your License

Termination for cause in a physician’s employment agreement can be a delicate subject. If an employer wishes to terminate a physician’s employment agreement, they must have a legitimate reason. The physician employment agreement should provide reasonable protection to both the employer and the physician in question if either party fails to live up to expectations…. Read more »

What to do When You’re Considering Filing For Bankruptcy

Financial stress is very overwhelming and can make you feel like you have nowhere left to turn. You may be unable to keep up with your bills and collectors won’t stop calling you, making you even more overwhelmed. Looking further into your future, you don’t see how these financial problems will be solved anytime soon…. Read more »

Social Workers – Maintaining Professional Relationships

The Minnesota Board of Social Work establishes and enforces professional standards, for licensed social workers.  The Board may investigate allegations against social workers whether their license is inactive or active.  A common complaint arises when a social worker fails to maintain a professional relationship with their client and develops a sexual relationship. Social workers must… Read more »

Social Workers – Complaints to the Board of Social Work

Social workers play an essential role, in assisting individuals, families, and groups of people to cope with their problems and improve their lives. For many social workers, direct counseling is only one aspect of a broader set of job functions in which they carry out which can include case intervention, case management, client education, crisis… Read more »

Nursing – What to Do When the Board Takes Action Against Your License

Many professions in the U.S., such as school teachers, attorneys, physicians, pilots and nurses, require a license as a condition of practicing a chosen occupation. Nurses, with more than 4.5 million individuals holding licensure at this time, are the second largest group of licensed professionals in the U.S, according to the National Council of the… Read more »

What happens when you lose your professional license?

Medical Professionals can be shocked to learn that their family life can dramatically impact their occupational license and ability to practice.  For example, defaulting on a court-ordered child support obligation may lead to a suspension, denial or revocation of their occupational license. Occupational licensing boards are required to investigate professionals in default of court-ordered support… Read more »

Nursing and Narcotics Use

Nurses and Narcotics Use   Nursing can be a high-stress profession.  In addition to demanding and irregular shifts, nurses endure a myriad of stressors, including but not limited to: (1) work overload, (2) deadlines, (3) a lack of social support, (4) exposure to infectious disease, (5) patient-related violence and/or threats, (6) sleep deprivation, (7) role… Read more »

Nursing and Telehealth

What Minnesota Nurses need to know about telehealth. A recent trend in healthcare has seen the rise of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance.  Telehealth, or telemedicine, allows care providers to keep their costs down while expanding the reach of their services.  Often, services can be offered far from… Read more »