Protect your License with an Optometry Professional License Defense

If you are an optometrist who is the subject of an investigation or complaint it is important to hire a knowledgeable and experienced optometry professional license defense counsel before making a response. Often times a professional counsel will be able to help create an effective response to the Board of Optometry. This response could result… Read more »

A Guide to Managing Your Minnesota Nursing Professional License Defense

Finding out a formal board complaint has been filed against you is nerve-wracking and frightening. However, managing ¬†the defense of your nursing professional license¬†doesn’t have to be too burdensome. Follow our guide, and you’ll be well on your way. First Things Review your insurance coverage (if you have it) for board complaints. Unfortunately, many nurses… Read more »

Why Do I Need a Professional License Defense Attorney?

There are state licensing boards in place for many different professions. These include pharmacists, medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, accountants, lawyers, and many more. When these professionals enter the field, many think that the impossible will never happen: possible revocation or suspension of their license. If you are at risk of losing your professional license,… Read more »